EUROCONSTRUCT has been organizing pan European construction market forcecasting conferences for over 40 years. We are continuously putting a lot of effort in providing the most up to date figures on a harmonized standard for Europe at our events - helping our clients to develop business strategies more precisely.  Below you find the information about our latest events (from the 78th conference onwards).

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European Construction Market Forecasts to 2022
special topic

New challenges for European construction after 2020

Thursay, 28th November 2019
Pre-conference networking event
Educational guided tour
Venue: Warsaw Rising Museum [map]

Evening networking dinner
Venue: Warsaw Trade Tower  [map]

Friday, 29th November 2019
Main conference day: Regional construction forecasts to 2022

Saturday, 30th November 2019
Special event: Visit of Varso Tower and city construction bus tour

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European Construction Market Forecasts to 2021
special topics

Water management and water value

Wednesday, 12th June 2019
Pre-conference networking event
Historic site visit 
Venue: Domus Romane in Palazzo Valentini [map]

Evening Reception and Dinner
Venue: Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi  [map]

Thursday, 13th June 2019
Main conference day: Regional construction forecasts to 2021

Friday, 14th June 2019
Special event: Conference on Water, Territory and Built Environment, Innovation and Resilience
Venue: Casa del Archittettura [map]

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European Construction Market Forecasts to 2021
special topics

Challenges to build metropolises of tomorrow: the learnings from Greater Paris

Thursday, 22nd November 2018
Pre-conference networking event
Construction site visit 
Venue: Roland Garros Stadium construction site [map]

Evening Reception and Dinner
Venue: La Maison des Polytechniciens  [map]

Friday, 23rd November 2018
Day of Conference
Venue: La Maison des Polytechniciens [map]

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European Construction Market Forecasts to 2020
special topics

Renewal of built environment

Thursday, 7th June 2018
Pre-conference networking event
Venue: Visit to Helsinki Central Library Oodi
Evening Reception and Dinner
Venue: Gala Dinner at Restaurant Saaristo on Klippan Island

Friday, 8th June 2018
Day of Conference
Venue: Finlandia Hall

With lectures from Jyrki Katainen (Vice-President of the European Commission) , Bengt Henricson (Market Analyst, Prognoscentret AB, Sweden), Anne Kathrin Funk (Researcher, KOF Swiss Economic Institute), Oebele Vries (Deputy Director, eib, Netherlands), Annette Hughes (Director, EY-DKM Economic AdvisoryDirector, EY-DKM Economic Advisory, Ireland), Dana Malerova (Researcher, ÚRS, Czech Republic),  Josep R Fontana (Senior Researcher, ITeC, Spain), Miimu Airaksinen (CEO, Finnish Association of Civil Engineers).

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European Construction Market Forecasts to 2020
special topics

European Real Estate Markets
Country Specials on Iran and Mexico

Thursday, 23rd November 2017
Welcome and Lecture on European real estate markets
Venue: LMU - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
Evening Reception and Dinner
Venue: Restaurant 181 at the Olympic Tower

Friday, 24th November 2017
Day of Conference
Venue: Hofbräuhaus Munich

With lectures from Prof. Dr. Thomas Mayer (Founding Director, Flossbach von Storch Research Institute) , Ludwig Dorffmeister (IFO Institute, Germany), Antonella Stemperini (Senior Researcher, CRESME, Italy), Janos Gaspar (BuildEcon, Hungary), James Hastings (Head of Construction Futures, Experian, United Kingdom), Bjørn-Erik Øye (Prognosesenteret, Norway), Markku Riihimäki (CEO & Partner of Forecon, Finland), Youssef Yacoubi (BIPE, France), Amir Alizadeh (Deputy Managing Director, German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Tehran), Andreas Müller (Deputy Managing Director, German-Mexican Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mexico City).

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Overall Economic Trends and Forecasts for the European Construction Markets to 2019

8th June 2017
Evening Welcome Reception -  A'dam Tower 
Networking Pre-Event

9th June 2017
Conference Day -  NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts for the European
Construction Market to 2019
special topics:
  • Circular Economy Policies

With lectures from Paul Tang (Member European Parliament, Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs), Oebele Vries (Deputy Director, EIB, Netherlands), Ludwig Dorffmeister (IFO Institute, Germany), Taco van Hoek (Director of EIB, Netherlands), Antonella Stemperini (Senior Researcher, CRESME, Italy), James Hastings (Head of Construction Futures, Experian, United Kingdom), Jan Blahonovský (Senior Researcher, ÚRS Praha, Czech Republic), Nejra Macic (Economist, Prognosesenteret, Norway), Fulvia Raffaelli (European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Head Clean Technologies and Products), Nitesh Magdani (Royal BAM Group NV, Group Director Sustainability), Ferdi Licher (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands, Director of Building and Energy), Roger Steens (Tata Steel, Director Sustainability)

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Overall Economic Trends and Forecasts for the European Construction Markets to 2019

24th November 2016
Evening Reception - Mirador del Palau de la Música Catalana
Networking Pre-Event

25th November 2016
Conference Day - Ateneu Barcelonès

Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts for the European
Construction Market to 2019
special topics:
  • Situation and expectations for the construction sector worldwide
  • Impact of the new EU procurement directives on the construction market

With contributions from Josep Rull Andreu (Ministry of Territory and Sustainability in the Government of Catalonia, Spain), Sergi Martrat (Deputy Chief Economist - Banco Sabadell, Spain), Antonio Paparella (Team Coordinator Sustainable Construction European Commission - DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Belgium), Antonio Mura (Cresme, Italy), Josep R. Fontana (ITeC, Spain), Ludwig Dorffmeister (IFO, Germany), Oebele Vries (EIB, Netherlands), Sonya Patel (EXPERIAN, United Kingdom), Bjørn-Erik Øye (Prognosesenteret, Norway), Josep R. Fontana (ITeC, Spain), Antonella Stemperini (CRESME, Italy), Mariusz Sochacki (PAB-PCR&F Institute, Poland)

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European Construction Prospects in a Low Interest Rate Environment

9th June 2016
Evening Reception - Guinness Storehouse
Networking Pre-Event

10th June 2016
Conference Day - Viva Stadium Conference Centre

Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts for the European
Construction Market to 2018
Special Focus on:
  • Rapid Consolidation in the Construction Industry
  • Innovating to Differentiate in Building Materials
  • Impact of E-Commerce on Distribution Channels
With lectures from Annette Hughes (DKM), Andrew Cates (Royal Bank of Scotland), Prof. Roger Flanagan (University of Reading), Robert Gardiner (Davy Stockbrokers), Oebele Vries (EIB - Economic Institute for Construction and Housing), Josep Ramon Fontana (ITeC), Sonya Patel (Experian), Mel Courtney (Kingspan), Ludwig Dorffmeister (IFO), Janos Gaspar (Buildecon).

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Something old \ Something new

3rd December 2015
Gala Dinner - Vigadó Concer t Hall

4th December 2015
Conference Day - Budapest Marriott Hotel

Global Economic Outlook with Focus on Europeem and the Euro Crisis
special topic
Western and Central EUropean Construction Forecasts by Regions

With contributions from Jürgen Stark (Former Member of the Executive Board of Gov. Council of the ECB), Janos Gaspar (Buildecon, Hungary), Ludwig Dorffmeister (Ifo, Germany), Bjørn Erik Øye (Prognosesenteret, Norway), James Hastings (Experian, United Kingdom), Artabaz Shams (BIPE, France), Josep Ramon Fontana (ITeC, Spain), Jan Blahonovský (ÚRS Praha, Czech Republic), Ilya Volodko (MACON Realty Group), Dr. Aleš Pustovrh (Bogatin Research, Slovenia)

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Construction, procurement and  financing trends with focus on Eastern European Countries

11th June 2015
Evening Reception - Old Town

12th June 2015
Confernce day - 5* Regent Hotel

European Construction Outlook
special topics

  • The overview of construction spending in the new financial perspective 2014-2020
  • The public procurement market for construction works in countries that are main beneficiaries of EU funds 
  • The south-eastern European real estate market
  • Power engineering construction - new needs, new challenges
  • The impact of the crisis in Ukraine on the European economy and construction market

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The Construction (R)Evolution: Industrial Strategies, Innovations And Policies, Open Supply Chains

18th November 2014
Gala-Dinner - BNP Headquarter

19th November 2014
Conference day - La Triennale di Milano

special event
20th November 2014
CRESME's Annual Italian Construction Market Report

European Construction Outlook 2014 - 2017
special topic
Industrial Strategies, Innovations and Policies, Open Supply Chains

With lectures from Claudio De Albertis (La Triennale di Milano), Ermete Realacci (Environment, Territory and Public Works Commission of the Chamber of Deputies), Bjørn Erik Øye (Prognosesenteret, Oslo), Ludwig Dorffmeister (IFO, Munich), Yngve Abrahamsen (KOF, Zurich), Janos Gaspar (Buildecon, Budapest), Antonio Mura (CRESME/SIMCO, Rome), Antonella Stemperini (CRESME, Rome), Leopoldo Freyrie (National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape), Luciano Lazzari (Architects Council of Europe), Massimo Calzoni (President of Formedil), Lorenzo Bellicini (CRESME), David Philp (UK BIM Task Group and Mace Group), Siegfried Wernik (Chairman of the Board of buildingSMART e.V.), Pekka Pajakkala (Forecon, Helsinki), Nataša Mrazovic (Stanford University), Enrico Borgarello (Italcementi Group), Regina De Albertis (Borio Mangiarotti), Mario Cucinella (MCArchitects), Annibale Ferrari (Chamber of Deputies), Angelo Ciribini (ISTeA and DICATAM, University of Brescia), Luciana Burdi (Massachusetts Port Authority), Jon Kerbey (HS2 Ltd.), Christophe Gobin (VINCI), Annalisa Demaestri (Synthèse et BIM), Pietro Baratono (Public Works for Lombardy and Liguria)

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  • 77th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2014 - Oslo, Norway
  • 76th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic
  • 75th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2013 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 74th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2012 - Munich, Germany
  • 73rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2012 - London, United Kingdom
  • 72nd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2011 - Paris, France
  • 71st EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2011 - Helsinki, Finland
  • 70th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2010 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 69th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2010 - Dublin, Ireland
  • 68th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2009 - Zurich, Switzerland
  • 67th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2009 - Warsaw, Poland
  • 66th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2008 - Brussels, Belgium
  • 65th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2008 - Rome, Italy
  • 64th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2007 - Vienna, Austria
  • 63rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2007 - Prague, Czech Republic
  • 62nd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2006 - Munich, Germany
  • 61st EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2006 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 60th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2005 - Barcelona, Spain
  • 59th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2005 - Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • 58th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2004 - Paris, France
  • 57th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2004 - Stockholm, Sweden
  • 56th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2003 - Funchal, Madeira
  • 55th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference -Summer 2003 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 54th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2002 - Munich, Germany
  • 53rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2002 - Dublin, Ireland
  • 52nd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter 2001 - Rome, Italy
  • 51st EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer 2001 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 50th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 2000 - Paris, France
  • 49th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 2000 - Vienna, Austria
  • 48th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - January 2000 - Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • 47th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1999 - Prague, Czech Republic
  • 46th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1998 - Berlin, Germany
  • 45th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1998 - Lisboa, Portugal
  • 44th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1997 - Barcelona, Spain
  • 43rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1997 - Rome, Italy
  • 42nd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1996 - Paris, France
  • 41st EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1996 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 40th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference -Winter, 1995 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 39th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1995 - London, United Kingdom
  • 38th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1994 - Zurich, Switzerland
  • 37th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1994 - Lillehammer, Finnland
  • 36th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Dezember, 1993 - Munich, Germany
  • 35th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1993 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 34th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1992 - Paris, France
  • 33rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1992 - Helsinki, Finnland
  • 32nd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1991 - Barcelona, Spain
  • 31st EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1991 - Rome, Italy
  • 30th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1990 - Munich, Germany
  • 29th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1990 - London, United Kingdom
  • 28th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1989 - Paris, France
  • 27th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1989 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 26th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1988 - Vienna, Austria
  • 25th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1988 - Edinbourgh, United Kingdom
  • 24th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1987 - Munich, Germany
  • 23rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference- Summer, 1987 - Zurich, Switzerland
  • 22nd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1986 - Lyon, France
  • 21st EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1986 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 20th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1985 - Venice, Italy
  • 19th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1985 - London, United Kingdom
  • 18th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1984 - Munich, Germany
  • 17th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1984 - Paris, France
  • 16th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1983 - Rome, Italy
  • 15th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1983 - London, United Kingdom
  • 14th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1982 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 13th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1982 - Vienna, Austria
  • 12th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1981 - Munich, Germany
  • 11th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1981 - Paris, France
  • 10th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1980 - London, United Kingdom
  • 9th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1980 - Rome, Italy
  • 8th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1979 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 7th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1979 - London, United Kingdom
  • 6th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1978 - Paris, France
  • 5th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1978 - London, United Kingdom
  • 4th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1977 - Munich, Germany
  • 3rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Summer, 1977 - Paris, France
  • 2nd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Winter, 1976 - Rome, Italy
  • 1st EUROCONSTRUCT Conference - Autumn, 1974 - Munich, Germany