As EUROCONSTRUCT, our mission is to provide recent, accurate, comparable forecasts on European construction markets. The strength of our network is the local expertise from our nineteen members, all consulting and non-profit research institutes specialised in construction.

The bi-annual EUROCONSTRUCT conferences are a main element of our business strategy. Our events focus on three priorities: (1) key speakers who point out recent market trends, (2) unique networking opportunities at special pre-conference events and (3) strong documentation – each participant receives the EUROCONSTRUCT Summary Report. The conferences also support our continuous efforts on improving our forecasts and the ongoing work on a harmonised Pan-European construction dataset.


EUROCONSTRUCT is represented by following research and consulting companies, covering nineteen European countries.


WIFO - Austrian Institute of Economic Research
WIFO is Austria's leading institute for applied empirical economic research. Founded in 1927 by Friedrich August von Hayek and Ludwig von Mises, WIFO analyses and forecasts economic developments in Austria and abroad. WIFO is a non-profit organisation that conducts its scientific work independently of politics and business. The findings of its research activities are designed for use as underpinnings for economic policy and entrepreneurial decision-making and to elevate the economic policy discourse to an objective level.



Mr Michael Klien    
Mr Michael Weingärtler


The AQUIEC, Association for the Quality of the Economic Indicators of the Construction Industry, is an association of experts whose areas of expertise cover the economic and legislative environment that determines the development of the construction industry, as well as the specific characteristics of its various sub-sectors.



Mr Jean-Pierre Liebaert   


STEM/MARK is a leading Czech research agency. It has been active on the Czech market since 1994. It performs qualitative and quantitative surveys using several different data collection methods (CATI, CAPI, CAWI, PAPI, Desk research) and specific query techniques (ACBC Conjoint, Color Test, Research Games, MaxDiff). The agency cooperates with leading companies in various areas of the Czech market, but also with the media and public administration.




CIFS - The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is an independent research organisation, founded 1970. It functions as consultant and source of inspiration to corporations, government bodies, and other elements of society, globally.




Forecon Ltd
Forecon is a VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland spin-off company, which was founded to continue VTT's construction market forecasting, research and EUROCONSTRUCT activities. In addition all the intellectual property including the forecasting models developed during the long-term performance and know-how will be transferred among with the employees to the spin-off companies.



6 France

Le BIPE - BDO Advisory
Le BIPE - BDO Advisory, is a strategy consulting firm that differentiates thanks to its quantitative approaches. Established in the 50’s, the firm developed its expertise in modelling and data analysis to cope with strategic issues of its clients. The more recent data opening reinforced this positioning with bottom up approaches, and new digital and interactive offering.
In the construction and real estate, Le BIPE has a track record of more than 40 years and is a founding member of the Euroconstruct network.
Le BIPE – BDO Advisory is a member firm from the BDO network, an audit and consulting group of 80 000 consultants covering 162 countries in the world.




IFO Institute
The ifo Institute was founded in 1949 in Munich as a non-profit, independent research organisation and has the legal status of a registered society. Since 2002 an institutional link to the University of Munich exists as a basis for strong co-operation. The most famous activity is the ifo Business Climate, a survey on the economic development in Germany which is based on around 7,000 monthly responses of firms in manufacturing, construction, wholesaling and retailing.



Mr Ludwig Dorffmeister


Buildecon Ltd
Apart from contributing to Euroconstruct by the Hungarian Country Report Buildecon Ltd has been publishing half-yearly country reports and forecasts on construction markets in 8 East-European countries since 2000. Working in partnership and co-operation with local experts, we use Euroconstruct methodology to make these markets comparable to all other member countries.


EY-DKM Economic Advisory Services was formed in January 2018 following the acquisition of DKM Economic Consultants by EY Ireland. DKM, as one of the leading economic consultancies in Ireland, founded in 1981, built up an unparalleled knowledge of and expertise in housing, construction and economic policy analysis over the past three and a half decades. Its clients include many of the largest private and public sector companies in Ireland, Government Departments, Local Authorities and State agencies, and the EU Commission.


CRESME is a non-profit association created in 1962 in favour of promotion and information on construction industry and territory transformations. Its purpose is to carry out researches and studies and to favour meetings between public and private operators.



Ms Antonella Stemperini


EIB - Economic Institute for Construction and Housing
The EIB foundation is a leading Dutch economic research institute in the field of construction, housing and built environment. Our work aims at fostering, in an independent and scientific way, the knowledge of economic and social questions that are related to, or that are of importance for the Dutch construction industry and the built environment.




Prognosesenteret AS
Prognosesenteret was founded in 1978 as independent consultancy focusing on market research within the Nordic building and construction markets.


PAB - Polish Construction Research & Forecasting
PAB – POLISH CONSTRUCTION RESEARCH & FORECASTING is a private scientific and research institute specialising in economic analysis of the construction industry. PAB was established in 2000 by experts with more than 25 years of experience in activity within the construction industry.


Tecninvest is a private consulting and research firm incorporated in 1982 in Lisbon, as a spin-off of the leading engineering, architectural and planning consultancy practice in Portugal at the time. The firm incorporated several divisions of the mother company active in the areas of conceptual engineering, environment, energy, planning and applied research in business development and economic & social areas. These professional resources have a track record of more than 4,000 professional assignments and research projects for public and private clients both in Portugal and abroad.



ÚEOS - Komercia, a.s
ÚEOS – Komercia, a.s. (Joint-stock company) is a private research and consultancy company, established in 1992 by transformation of former Ústav ekonomiky a organizácie stavebníctva, Bratislava (Institute of Building Economics and Organisation) founded in 1963.


ITeC - The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology
The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology, ITeC, is an independent non-profitmaking organization that carries out its work in the area of operations intended to further the progress of Construction.


Prognoscentret AB
Prognosesenteret was founded in 1978 as independent consultancy focusing on market research within the Nordic building and construction markets. Prognoscentret AB has been established in Sweden with own personnel since 1991.


KOF Swiss Economic Institute at ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
KOF analyses the development of the Swiss economy from a shorter-term perspective (economic analyses and forecasts) against the backdrop of longer-term developmental trends (growth and structural change). The research projects, products and services provided by the KOF cover a broad spectrum of topics.


Construction Futures, Experian plc
Construction Futures has for more than a decade focused on economic analysis of the construction and related industries. Construction Futures is part of the economics team at Experian plc, one of the UK's leading economic consultancies.

Mr Mohammed Chaudhri
Ms Rebecca Snow


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