88th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference
28-30 November 2019, Warsaw

European Construction Market Forecasts to 2022

New challenges for European construction after 2020 


Poland is one of the fastest-growing construction markets in Europe and growth leader in civil engineering in the period 2016 - 2021 which makes Warsaw to the perfect location for this upcoming EUROCONSTRUCT Conference.

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organised by 
PAB – Polish Construction
Research & Forecasting Institute
ul. Wspolna 37/39 l.24
PL 00-519 Warszawa

Contact: Adam Sochacki

Thursday, 28th November 2019

Educational guided tour and evening reception

Warsaw Rising Museum

Welcome drink and networking dinner on the 32nd floor with a panoramic view over Warsaw.

Friday, 29th November 2019

Day of conference

European construction markets to 2022

Topics covered

  • Current macroeconomic framework and forecasts.

  • European investments prospects.

  • EUROCONSTRUCT construction market forecasts presented by country groups covering 19 European nations.

  • Special - New challenges for the European construction industry after 2020.

Saturday, 30th November 2019

Educational bus tour 

Visit at Varso Tower construction site and bus tour around significant construction sites.

Good to know

This conference is part of a semi-annual series of lectures on the medium-term outlook of the European construction markets covered by the EUROCONSTRUCT network.

Target audience
EUROCONSTRUCT Conferences are aimed at all those involved in construction activities:

Manufactorers of building materials and equipment, construction companies, designers, architects, engineers, contractors, investors, financiers, banks, insurers, and other related professions. 


Exclusive, first access to the latest macro-economic and construction market projections to 2022.
Unique networking opportunities within the construction industry and its related market players.
Comprehensive EUROCONSTRUCT Summary Report.
Opportunity to visit Warsaw - one of the most modern and fastest growing cities in Europe.

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Photo credits
Warsaw Rising Museum from Adrian Grycuk - edited, CC BY-SA 3.0 pl, Link
Warsaw Trade Tower from Celeber96 - editedCC BY-SA 3.0 plLink
Rondo 1-B from Adrian Grycuk - edited, CC BY-SA 3.0 plLink
Inside the bus by on Unsplash

Educational guided tour


28th November 2019


Warsaw Rising Museum guided tours will begin at the following times:

16:40 (in German language)
17:00 (in English language)
17:20 (in English language)

Warsaw Rising Museum


Guided tour with a screening of  the "City of Ruins".

You will have an unique opportunity to see how Warsaw looked like exactly 75 years ago.

The Warsaw Rising Museum was opened on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of fighting in Warsaw. The Museum is a tribute of Warsaw’s residents to those who fought and died for independent Poland and its free capital.
See official information about the museum

How to get there


Grzybowska 79 [map]
00-844 Warszawa

Public Transport 
Metro M2: Rondo Daszyńskiego
Tram/Bus stop: Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego 06 
Tram lines: 1, 9, 14, 24, 28, 73
Bus lines: 105, 190

Networking reception & dinner


28th November 2019


Welcome drink will start at 19:00

Networking dinner reception begins at 20:00

Warsaw Trade Tower


Welcome drink on the 32th floor with a panoramic view of the city.

Dinner with extensive networking opportunities.

How to get there


Chłodna 51 [map]
00-867 Warszawa

Public Transport 
Metro M2: Rondo Daszyńskiego
Okopowa 07: Tram lines 1, 9, 14, 15, 24, 28, 74, T

Full day conference


Starting time

08:00 - Registration
09:15 - Conference opening

Introduction of the Q&A software/app LineUpr for a new conference experience.

Rondo 1


Full day conference is taking place at Rondo 1. 

Topics covered:

  • Current macroeconomic framework and forecasts.

  • European investments prospects.

  • EUROCONSTRUCT construction market forecasts presented by country groups covering 19 European nations.

  • Special - New challenges for the European construction industry after 2020.

How to get there


Public transport
Metro M2: Rondo ONZ

Warsaw's most important construction sites


Starting time


The time frame for the bus tour will be between 10:00 and 14:00

Educational bus tour


Visit of the Varso Tower construction site

Afterwards there will be a bus tour around significant construction sites in Warsaw.

How to get there


Public transport
Metro M2: Rondo ONZ

Photo credits
Warsaw Rising Museum from Adrian Grycuk - edited, CC BY-SA 3.0 pl, Link
Warsaw Trade Tower from Celeber96 - editedCC BY-SA 3.0 plLink
Rondo 1-B from Adrian Grycuk - edited, CC BY-SA 3.0 plLink
Inside the bus by on Unsplash

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F r i d a y

29 November 2019

08:00 Registration
09:15 Conference opening, Q&A software/app introduction

Overall economic and construction trends

09:40 Global and European economic outlook: Review of the macroeconomic environment
Aleksander Łaszek, PhD
Civic Development Forum, Poland
10:05 European housing, non-residential and civil engineering construction outlook to 2022 Mariusz Sochacki
PAB-PCR&F Institute, Poland

European construction markets to 2022 by sector & region

10:30 Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Michael Weingärtler
WIFO - Austrian Institute of Economic Research
10:55 Coffee break
11:15 France, Belgium and The Netherlands
Jean-Pierre Liebaert
Aquiec-Vkebi, Belgium
11:40 Ireland and UK
Annette Hughes
EY-DKM, Ireland
12:05 Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
Thomas Ekvall
Prognoscentret, Sweden
12:30 Questions and discussion
12:50 Announcement of the 89th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Spain, Italy and Portugal
Antonella Stemperini
Cresme, Italy
14:25 Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
Adam Sochacki
PAB-PCR&F, Poland
14:50 Recent developments in the commercial real estate market in Poland Krzysztof Olszewski
National Bank of Poland
15:10 Questions and discussion
15:20 Coffee break

Panel discussion on special topic

15:30 New challenges for the European construction after 2020 – directions of progress:

The Future of 3D Printing technology in the Construction Industry
Rafał Perz, PhD, WUT professor, co-founder of REbuild
BIM+AR technologies in the context of Construction 4.0
Marek Salamak, PhD, Silesian University of Technology
Panel Discussion

16:50 Closing remarks


Aleksander Łaszek, PhD

Chief Economist, Vice President of the Management Board, FOR

Doctor of economics, a graduate of SGH Warsaw School of Economics, TEP member, Chief Economist of FOR and Vice President of its Management Board. In his works, he focuses primarily on issues related to long-term economic growth and structural changes. Joined FOR five years ago. Author of numerous analyzes and educational projects of FOR, such as the Bill from the State or  Estimates of Hidden Debt (state pension liabilities). Author and co-author of texts and analyzes for the Ministry of Regional Development, the Lisbon Council, the Institute for Research in Economics and Fiscal Issues (IREF), the World Bank and others.

9:40  Global and European economic outlook: Review of the macroeconomic environment

Mariusz Sochacki

Managing director, PAB-Polish Construction Research & Forecasting Institute

Host and founder of Polish Construction Research and Forecasting Institute PAB-PCR&F (the first private construction research institute in Poland) - outstanding expert in the area of European construction industry. The creator of innovative approach to the research on the construction economics in Poland in the years of transformation. The author of many original studies and forecasts concerning the construction market development. During his 35-year work in the construction scientific and research institutions, he was, among others, an expert of the International Labour Organization, an arbitrator of Polish Office for Public Procurement, and an expert of Unibud organization. He is the author of more than 400 works, including expert statements for the courts, lectures on the domestic and foreign conferences and journal papers, as well as the reports, analyses and expertises for the domestic institutions, including Polish Parliament and Senate, and international institutions like World Bank and various agendas of European Commission.

10:05  European housing, non-residential and civil engineering construction outlook to 2022



Michael Weingärtler

Construction market expert – Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)

Michael Weingärtler is research assistant and a construction market expert working at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO). His focus is on analyses of construction markets within the research area Structural Change and Regional Development. He is co-author of research papers on a broad range of construction aspects such as macro-economic issues, energy efficient construction and renovation, innovation in the construction sector as well as housing support and housing policy.
Additionally he is a freelance consultant on public goods. 

10:30  Construction market Outlook to 2022 - Germany, Austria and Switzerland (10:30)



Jean-Pierre Liebaert

Representative of the Association for the Quality of the Economic Indicators of the Construction Industry - AQUIEC/VKEBI, Belgium

Jean-Pierre Liebaert joined the Economic Department at the Belgian Construction Confederation (CCB) in 1986, straight after gaining a civil engineering degree in applied mathematics, majoring in economics.
Also, as a member of the Belgian Central Council for the Economy (CCE/CRB) and the country's Higher Council of Statistics, since 2001 he has represented Belgium in EUROCONSTRUCT via AQUIEC/VKEBI.
For over 30 years, he has performed all kinds of economic analyses associated with construction and worked on multidisciplinary approaches to construction related matters Belgium, specifically providing economic input.

11:15  Construction market Outlook to 2022 - France, Belgium and The Netherlands



Annette Hughes

EY-DKM, Ireland

Annette Hughes joined DKM in 1993, having previously worked for John Laing plc, BP Ireland and lectured in economics at the University of Limerick. She is a graduate of University College Cork and is a Director at DKM. Annette is an expert on the Irish construction and housing industries as well as on energy, with particular focus on their interactions with demographics and regional development. She has sat on and advised State boards and councils, including the National Competitiveness Council and latterly, FÁS, the national training agency. She has also acted as an expert witness in cases dealing with complex economic issues.

11:40  Construction market Outlook to 2022 - Ireland and United Kingdom



Thomas Ekvall

Market analyst –Prognoscentret AB, Sweden

Thomas is head of forecasting at Prognoscentret in Stockholm. He has been analyzing the Nordic construction market for thirteen years from a macroeconomic perspective. His main expertise is knowledge about the development of different parts of the construction market, which range from housing construction down to building materials. He has written both discussion articles and blogs and gives often lectures about the Nordic construction market.

12:05  Construction market Outlook to 2022 - Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland



Antonella Stemperini

Senior researcher – Cresme Ricerche Spa, Italy
Antonella Stemperini earned a master degree in Economics cum laude from the University La Sapienza. After an short experience at ISTAT (National Statistical Office), she joined CRESME in 1997, where she is currently senior researcher. Since 2006, she represents CRESME within the EUROCONSTRUCT network. With her 20 years of experience, she acquired profound understanding of the world and European construction industry, construction macroeconomic scenario and market structure. She coordinated the working group for different projects in several research areas related to the construction sector, including real estate, investment, supply chain, building materials, public tenders, PPP, strategic development plans, at province, regional and country level.

14:00  Construction market Outlook to 2022 - Spain, Italy and Portugal




Adam Sochacki

PAB - Construction Research and Forecasting

Political scientist of education, in his work he often focus on the the links between politics,  the economy and the construction industry. In PAB-PCR&F Institute he works as an analyst and key account manager. Author of articles in trade magazines. He has been cooperating with Euroconstruct network for over 10 years.

14:25  Construction market Outlook to 2022 - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary



Rafał Perz, PhD


Entrepreneur, R&D Consultant, WUT professor, co-founder of REbuild. Along with his REbuild mates working for the revolution in the construction market by introducing 3DCP (3D construction/concrete printing) technology. Qualified constructor with a solid background in CAD/CAE systems. Strong research and teaching professional with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Expert in the field of science and technology for The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) and The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). 

15:15  The Future of 3D Printing Technology in the Construction Industry



Marek Salamak, PhD


Assoc. Prof. at the Silesian University of Technology. An expert in the field of bridges, prestressed concrete structures, bridge dynamics, CAD and BIM methodologies. The author of the popular in Poland BestCAD program for bridge designing. Head of the R&D InfraSmart project about using BIM+AR technologies for the inspection of bridges. Mentor of infraBIM and infraMOST - digital Construction 4.0 and bridges events in Central-East Europe. Coordinator of the European Asia-Link project for bridge inspectors in Southeast Asian countries.

15:45  BIM+AR technologies in the context of Construction 4.0



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